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Benefits of Dental Implants

Read on to know more about the life-changing benefits that dental implants can bring.

Aesthetic Improvement

There is no easier or better way to say this: a missing tooth (or teeth) makes your smile unattractive. It is like looking at a fence with missing planks, or a bridge with missing pillars. Even a single tooth missing makes your smile look unhealthy and awkward-looking, even if the rest of your teeth look healthy. A dental implant treatment takes care of this aesthetic problem by replacing the natural tooth roots, and providing a firm anchor to which the prosthetic tooth (or teeth) can be attached. Replacing the tooth roots also prevents the hollow appearance caused by bone deterioration, as a result of long-term missing teeth problems.

You can enjoy attractive, healthy-looking smiles again with the help of dental implants!

benefits of dental implants

Prevention of Bone Deterioration

The healthy structure of the jaw bone is greatly affected when tooth loss is not addressed as soon as possible. The loss of the natural tooth root causes the jaw bone to slowly deteriorate and become thinner (and weaker) with the passage of time. Dental implants help prevent the onset – or the progression – of bone deterioration by replacing the function of the lost natural tooth root. The health and structure of your jaw bone will be preserved, and you will enjoy better oral health with the help of a dental implant treatment.

Speech Improvement

Speaking with even one tooth missing can be very challenging. It is often difficult to understand what is being said by a person with missing teeth, because pronouncing words take on a different sound especially when the lost teeth is located in the front portion of the mouth. Dental implants make it possible once again for you to speak clearly and in a normal way, since the implants and teeth restorations replace both the form and the function of lost natural teeth.

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