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Implant Types

There are several types of dental implants, which are used according to different implant needs.

Are you curious about the type of dental implant that will fit your needs? Here is a short guide about the different types that are being used for dental implant treatments:

dental implantEndosteal Dental Implants

These are the implants embedded directly into the jawbone, through a surgical procedure. The implants are attached using two surgical procedures – the first to embed the implants into the jawbone, after which the gum tissue is used to cover the area (and also to allow the implants to heal); the second procedure is done to attach the teeth replacement or restoration (such as dental crowns, or a dental bridge) to the implant, resulting in a brand-new smile.


Same Day Dental ImplantsSame Day Dental Implants

Also known as Immediate Loading Implants, these implant types involve just one dental appointment – including the attachment of the implants to the jaw bone, and the attachment of the dental restorations to the implants. The healing period that usually lasts for a few weeks or months is eliminated with these types of dental implants.



Mini Dental ImplantsMini Dental Implants

These are smaller in size than traditional implants, and are usually used to provide the necessary stability to dentures or removable dental replacements. A mini implants treatment is completed using a minimally-invasive procedure, and is ideal for cases when the jaw bone structure is not enough to support traditional implants. Using mini dental implants will also eliminate the need for more complicated procedures prior to the implant treatment, such as bone grafting.

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